Everyone loves the beach, right? Well, Kim’s Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary live up on Lake Erie in Ohio. To escape the harsh winters on the lake, they become snowbirds and go down to Florida every year from Dec. 1-April 1. We leave the cold and snow of the Colorado mountains and go down to visit them for a week about every other year when they’re down there.

Aunt Mary started beading jewelry a few years ago. We saw her pieces and played with her beads when she would do this. Both of us being a bit creative and artsy, started laying out designs and then she taught us how to string them and finish them off. We made a couple of pieces and then started making them for friends and family. They started asking us how much certain ones would be and putting in requests or asking about ones we already had made. They started referring their friends to us and it just kind of blossomed into a little side business we could do in the evenings and weekends in our home. It was a lot of fun coming up with unique supplies and doing interesting designs, posting them on our Facebook pages and posting on local yard sale sites.

We decided to put some more time and energy into marketing the products and see where it would go. So far, so good. Next was the logo, which includes Kim’s grandmother’s birthstone ring. A special tribute to her as she was an artist in her own right. Finally, this website will open up our creations to a broader audience. We are very pleased and happy to be going to this next phase of the business.

We hope everyone enjoy’s our one-of-a-kind designs!