Standard bracelet sizes
The standard wrist size for a woman is 7-7.5 inches which makes a bracelet size of 7.75- 8.25 inches. Also, depending if you like it tight on your wrist or you prefer them to go down on your hand a bit will determine the final length so submit the length accordingly. This also varies on the style and products used. So when creating the bracelet, we will make those adjustments automatically if necessary.

Measuring your wrist size
For customers who believe that their wrist size may be outside of the standard range for bracelets, a soft seamstress-style
measuring tape can be used to provide an approximate measurement of the wrist.

Determining your approximate bracelet size range
After you have measured the basic diameter of your wrist, add 1/4″ to 1/2″ to that measurement in order to give
you some movement and flexibility. Remember that some bracelets fit differently. This measurement should be within the size range of the bracelet. Note that depending on the style of clasp; some give you a trifle more space. Also, if the beads, pearls, gemstones or other adornments are very large, the room for your wrist may decrease.